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Important Notice from Weed Club DC: I-71 Compliancy

Please Be Aware: At Weed Club DC, we exclusively offer unique digital art pieces for purchase. In compliance with Initiative 71, we wish to clarify that we neither endorse nor sell cannabis or cannabis-related products. The cannabis or cannabis products you may receive as a part of your digital art purchase are complimentary gifts, extended as a token of appreciation for your support of our artistic endeavors. These items are not for sale and are provided in full adherence to the stipulations of Initiative 71.

About Your Payment: At Weed Club DC, the prices and subtotals displayed in our store relate exclusively to our unique digital art pieces. These figures serve merely as reference points, corresponding to the digital art you are purchasing and do not pertain to any other items. As part of our commitment to appreciating your support, alongside your purchase of digital art, you may receive a token of gratitude from us. This gesture is in strict compliance with Initiative 71 (i-71).

How to navigate our store

Weed Club is Washington DC’s leading Weed Dispensary Delivery service. Our platform is designed with you in mind, ensuring you receive top-quality products in a compliant and secure manner. Here’s a breakdown of our unique process:

  1. Browse Our Website: Explore a variety of premium cannabis and cannabis products that are often gifted to our customers, as a token of appreciation from us, along with our exclusive digital art items that are added automatically to your cart at checkout.
  2. Checkout Process: During checkout, you will notice prices listed alongside the cannabis items you’ve selected. Please note, these figures are not the price of the cannabis items themselves; they represent the amount you choose to donate to Weed Club DC in exchange for our exclusive digital art. This donation is an integral part of your purchase, automatically included in your cart.
  3. Donation-Based Model: At Weed Club, we don’t sell cannabis. Instead, you make a donation to support our service and appreciation for our digital artwork. In gratitude, we gift you a cannabis product along with the digital art you purchased.

I-71 21+ Age Requirement

We strictly adhere to the legal framework set by Initiative 71 (I-71) in Washington DC. Here’s a closer look at our commitment:

  • Donation, Not Purchase: I-71 prohibits direct cannabis sales. Our model ensures you’re receiving cannabis as a gift in return for your donation.
  • Age Verification: I-71 mandates that only adults aged 21 and over can possess or use cannabis. We’ve partnered with REAL ID by Verdict to verify every customer’s age before any transaction.
  • Quantity Limits: I-71 allows adults to possess up to two ounces of cannabis. However the process of sharing/gifting cannabis is limited to 1 oz. We ensure our products are meticulously measured and packaged to comply with this limit.
  • Private Consumption: Public cannabis consumption is illegal in Washington DC. We encourage our customers to enjoy their products privately and responsibly.

For a deeper understanding of I-71, visit the official DC Council website.

Completing Your 21+ ID Verification with Weed Club

ID Photo

At Weed Club, we prioritize safety and compliance. We’ve streamlined our ID verification process to ensure a seamless experience for our customers:

  1. Advanced Verification: Our system uses cutting-edge technology to verify the authenticity of ID documents from various countries.
  2. Secure Upload: Customers receive a unique URL to securely upload a photo of their ID. Our system then verifies the ID’s legitimacy using optical and image recognition technologies.
  3. Privacy & Security: All data connections are encrypted, ensuring your information remains confidential. You can also choose to delete your ID photos after verification for added privacy.
  4. Seamless Delivery: After verifying your identity and processing your donation, our team ensures discreet delivery to your specified address in Washington DC.
  5. Enjoy Responsibly: Once you receive your product, we urge you to use it responsibly and in a private setting.
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