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Welcome to Weed Club DC’s Delivery Service

Order Minimum: Just $100 for premium cannabis delivery
Delivery Charge: A flat $20 fee, waived for orders above $250
Proof of Age: ID verification mandatory for all deliveries

Discover the ease of getting top-quality cannabis delivered right to your door in Washington DC. Our swift, discreet delivery service brings the best cannabis products to you, with the convenience of either immediate delivery or scheduled service to fit your lifestyle. With Weed Club DC, experience the pinnacle of cannabis dispensary services right from the comfort of your home.

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Ordering from Weed Club Is EasyHere at Weed Club, we’re all about delivering top-quality cannabis right to your doorstep in Washington DC, quickly and discreetly. A few taps on your screen, and you’re on your way to enjoying premium cannabis products from top brands.

Expect your order to arrive within 45 to 90 minutes, or feel free to schedule it for a more convenient time.We offer same-day delivery to all zip codes within our Washington DC service area. There is a $15 dollar delivery fee that is charged unless you schedule your delivery in advance! It’s our way of ensuring your delivery experience is top-notch.

Paying for your order is as easy as it gets at Weed Club. Choose between cash on delivery or multiple card options right on our website. With a minimum order of just $100 and if you’re in our Washington DC delivery zone, you can count on us to get your cannabis to you within the time frame we promise.

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